From Investment Banker to HR Advisor, Nathan Tanner shares career advice we all can use

Over the course of his career, Nathan Tanner (BYU, ’15)  has worn many hats – Investment Banker, Private Wealth Advisor, MBA Student, and now Talent Acquisition Lead.  Through these diverse roles, Nate has gained experiences and insight on what it takes to navigate a professional career. Recently, Nate added another title to his name – … [Read more…]

Cast a Wide Net and Ultimately Focus on What’s Best for You

The term ‘Fear of Missing Out’ never rang so true as in business school. Kate Sternstein, Fuqua ’15, looks back at how she weighed her options and prioritized which extra curricular clubs and activities would most benefit her time in business school and her career path afterwards. After learning about the plethora of Fuqua’s club … [Read more…]