Podcast 5: Life in the MBA, with Philip Blackett (HBS, ’16)

Philip Blackett

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Philip Blackett (HBS ’16.) As a 1st-year MBA student at Harvard Business School, Philip has not only juggled a heavy academic courseload with student activities, but also managed to host a Weekly podcast called LifeinTheMBA. During our podcast, I get the chance to talk to Philip about

  • his podcast
  • his decision to pursue a career in social entrepreneurship
  • his current startup that he’s working on

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3:45 – Philip’s background

12:00– Philip talks about HBS, and the value of the case method

15:45 – Philip talks about what he enjoys most about HBS

23:00 – Philip talks about what he would change to improve HBS (Warning: This is a first world problem..)

28:45 – Philip talks about HBS’ grading scale

32:00 – Philip talks about why he’s pursuing a path in social entrepreneurship

38:33 – Philip shares how he was able to step away from the prestigious companies that he’s worked for and to pursue the unbeaten path

46:32 – Philip talks about the HBS Social Enterprise Conference

51:10 – Philip talks about starting LifeintheMBA

60:00 – Philip talks about his startup,

72:10 – Philip gives advice for MBA applicants



Life in the MBA podcast series – www.LifeInTheMBA.com

Magnetic Interviewing – www.MagneticInterviewing.com

Interview FAQs – www.InterviewFAQs.net




“Some people measure it by how much money is in their bank account, some people measure it by the type of impact they have on others, how much live they’ve changed. Someone once said, if I could improve someone else’s life, than life is worth living. Why stop at just one person?”

“Once you’ve kind of done the corporate America thing, at some point, you need to figure out what’s right for you. Everyone has to figure out what’s right for them.”

“What gives value to my life has to be beyond how much money I make. I could go that conventional route and live a great life with my family. If I have the ability to do that and to help people along the way.”

“Once you open the door for yourself for a brighter future, are you going to close that door behind you? Or, are you going to find a way to keep that door propped open?”


Philip’s advice for MBA applicants

  • What is it what you really want?
  • Take the time to learn from the experiences of other people
  • Make sure this is an experience that you can have fun with and not regret